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Exciting Town Options for Santa Barbara Empty Nesters


 The ink has dried on your youngest child's diploma, and you and your spouse are now experiencing what had long seemed just a remote situation -- parenting is no longer your primary function in life. There are no diapers, no more "mom's taxi", and your time is your own once again.  However, you’re also looking at your house and realizing that it's too big for just the two of you.  Congrats! You have just have reached a new milestone in life. Why not take a look at the Santa Barbara listings, see what the house could fetch in the newly-energized market, tally up your newly-reduced expenses, and start contemplating some new living possibilities. Chief among them: a move to one of the vibrant towns other couples in your position are finding to be…(it may sound crazy)… a lot of fun! Currently popular:


1. Las Vegas, NV:

With its activity-oriented community and trails designed for hiking and biking, Vegas seems to be the ideal spot for empty-nesters on their own schedules. Whether you want to take advantage of the local casinos or the plethora of golf courses, there is something to offer for everyone. In fact, in the last charted years, Vegas has undergone 156% growth in the 55 to 64 age group. The real estate decline may be about over, but for new arrivals the situation couldn’t be more of a draw. When you see listings for some newer golf course homes as low as $100k, your retirement might be another thing that stays in Vegas!


2. Raleigh, NC:

In the 15 years after 1990, the gracious beauty that is Raleigh underwent a transformative 116% growth spurt among the 55-64 age group, attracting both empty-nesters and sports teams alike.  It has a wide industrial range, from medical supplies to textiles, and -- with a strong performing arts community and a full range of year-round recreational options -- many “yuppie seniors” (I love that one: some researcher came up with it) are finding more than enough mentally stimulating activities to keep them in Raleigh.


3. Austin, TX:

This university town has also grown significantly in recent years. With a new museum, a strong theatrical community, and all the vibrancy of the University of Texas at Austin, empty-nesters find the wide range of activities that keep them physically and mentally busy. Though, like Las Vegas, the heat in summer must be reckoned with, Austin also generally offers year round outdoor living. As of a few weeks ago, there were just under 13,000 listings in Austin, with a median asking price of around $254,900.


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