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November is High Time to Think ‘Roof’


There’s nothing like a clear October day to get you wondering how the heck summer disappeared so quickly…or to suddenly flash on how soon winter is going to be here. Especially for anyone who is seriously thinking about selling their home in Santa Barbara, now is the time to take on any maintenance issues that could crop up later, when weather conditions might hinder your ability to fix them.

If that suggestion has you thinking ‘roof,’ you are not alone -- roofs deteriorate more often than any other part of a building. No wonder the Labor Department says that the number of roofing jobs is expected to increase by 18% between now and 2020!

Any home that has been around for a while will require regular roof maintenance, repair and perhaps even replacement. The usual reason is debris – material that the wind (or windborne animal life) can cause to accumulate up there. The debris can be anything that might divert the flow of rainwater.

The first place to check is the rain gutters. They are practically magnets for all sorts of leaves and other debris.  Since water damage is usually the culprit when roofs need to be repaired or replaced, the gutters and downspouts have to be kept open.  Selling a home takes enough attention without having to worry that potential buyers will notice clogged and neglected gutters -- or that the condition of the roof gets them wondering what else has been neglected.

Along with water damage, the other major perpetrator is the sun. Many roofs that have metal or wood paneling are susceptible to deterioration from the summer sun, and winter’s slick weather conditions can turn what today’s easy roofing job into something truly dangerous, if not impossible.

A home sale doesn’t have to be in prospect for you to be on the lookout for missing shingles, tiles -- or any other part that creates what looks like a newfound irregularity. Especially after major storms, don’t forget to keep an eye out for any bare spots. It’s doubly important for anybody considering selling a home: among all the other reasons, a roof near the end of its lifespan can interfere with a successful loan approval.