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Set the Stage for a Successful Santa Barbara Closing!

Surprises can be a lot of fun. Being blindsided when friends throw you a surprise birthday party is a fine example. Getting an unexpectedly large tax return is another. But when you're about to close escrow on a new Santa Barbara home, surprises are the last thing you need.

One of the most important services I provide as your experienced Santa Barbara/Montecito real estate agent is to be there to help you sail through the process of a surprise-less closing. Even so, it's important for you to review some basics of the steps we need to accomplish in advance. I consider it ‘surprise insurance’ for a successful closing.


Proper financing is the first step in being able to close on the home you've just fallen in love with. Ideally, this was arranged before you even began looking at Santa Barbara homes for sale, but if you waited, time to get that financing secured is ASAP.  I help my clients pre-qualify for a loan well before we make it into escrow.


Equally vital is getting the subject property appraised by an experienced local professional. This will give you the true value of the property. Even after you've fallen in love with a home (or maybe especially after), you need assurance that the price you are paying is what it is worth. As important, that appraisal will be one of the key points helping the bank decide to issue your loan.  I can help with a referral to a qualified professional (if the bank doesn't require their own appraiser).


Finally, selecting and hiring a reputable Santa Barbara title company can help make the process of closing go much more smoothly.  This allows all of the parties to be protected through the entire closing process. Neglecting this important step can lead to surprises in the final closing – exactly what we've been working to avoid. It will also be important that you check every line of the estimated closing costs when presented – small mistakes here can cause big problems later, so plan your day to allow time to review the important parts of those documents.