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Sleepless in Santa Barbara


What a month this has been. Bear with me for a minute; I need to vent. My wife is due with our second child at the end of February and she is not sleeping, which means neither am I. But it’s not just my wife keeping me up at all hours. ­ there’s more to it than that.  Maybe it’s that I’m in a stressed out form of denial that my life is about to change drastically (for the good of course). Maybe it’s because of my nine-year old Labrador, Doug.


My dog, you ask? What does my dog have to do with all this? Doug is the sweetest and most lovable creature on the planet. But I must regrettably admit that his, ah, antenna doesn’t pick up all the channels, as they say. ­ The “Bright One” ate something resembling a diaper recently, and had his second stomach surgery this past week. ­ Thankfully, Doug is recovering nicely. He just (understandably) doesn’t sleep much right now, further compounding the aforementioned sleeplessness issue.  The good news, I suppose, is that my lack of sleep has nothing to do with the state of the real estate market. It’s healthy, frankly… so if that were the only factor, I’d be sleeping like a well-fed newborn baby. (I hope.)  I feel better already. ­Thanks.


January in Review


January was hot for local real estate – even hotter than I thought late last year. Since the beginning of the year in the Santa Barbara areas west and east of State Street, including Hope Ranch, from $500,000 to $1,700,000, there have been staggering numbers. Fifty eight new listings have come on the market. Eighteen have gone under contract, and a grand total of forty-one properties went pending. ­ e total for closed properties as of January 28 is twenty-nine – just over one a day. We are not even to Spring yet and the market is flourishing, Blossoming, if you will, a few months early.  Here are a few good deals for this week that probably won’t last long. Get out there.

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