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Buying a Santa Barbara Home: What Makes a Great Realtor?

The quality of your Santa Barbara realtor can have unexpected impact on your life.  Think about the process of buying a home. First you explain your highest hopes and deepest fears concerning home ownership -- then you allow this person to take that knowledge to find an answer that will affect every day of your life for the foreseeable future!  The fact is that realtors help their prospective buyers make life-changing decisions. It’s no small responsibility.

One of the first concrete steps you take when the prospect of buying a Santa Barbara home moves from distant thought to concrete action, is to seek a professional willing to provide the knowledge and support you will need to find a Santa Barbara home that fits your needs.  A qualified and experienced Santa Barbara realtor can give you excellent and efficient guidance, but only after you have made your wants and needs known. With that knowledge under their belt, a great Realtor can help you into the home of your dreams.


Integrity is arguably the most important characteristic for any Santa Barbara realtor. Consider recent history: during the end-stage of the financial crisis in 2009, all Santa Barbara homebuyers faced uncertainty, yet sales to first-time buyers rose to 47% (compared with 41% in 2008). With prices dropping to all-time lows, realtors helped first-timers get into the market that had eluded them previously.  That increase later declined, but the right opportunities were (and still are!) on the market for anyone willing to learn how to tackle home ownership. A realtor with integrity educates buyers and gives him or her the opportunity to make a sound choice.


Experienced Santa Barbara realtors have worked with all types of buyers at all kinds of price points. They have seen great deals -- and they have seen horrible deals.  Their experience can help red flag situations where something is not right, or can help when buyers are anxious and nervous about a decision. You do not have to face uncertainty on your own when your Santa Barbara realtor is knowledgeable and experienced.

Great Listener

By the time you reach the concluding phases of a transaction together, great realtors "know" you. These professionals have taken the time to learn about you, your family, your hopes and your dreams. These realtors work within your budget, seek the best prices for potential properties, and advise you when to take a step back. Great realtors keep your criteria at the forefront.

People tend to overlook the very real ‘gentle’ side of real estate. Instead of facing the obstacles of securing property alone, consider working with an experienced realtor who can make you happy. Make a list of your goals, keep in touch with reality, and then contact us or another local professional who is willing to help you find your Santa Barbara home.

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