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Selling Your Santa Barbara Home to a Relocation Buyer

Anyone moving to Santa Barbara from out of the area is experiencing life near the top of the stress meter. Most homeowners who have listed their property are sensitive to their plight: after all, once they have sold their home, won’t they be facing the same situation?

Relocation planning has also grown more complicated over the past few years. For many prospective buyers, a slow economy and slumping housing market have narrowed their options. According to HSH.com, relocating individuals cite the depressed housing market as their Number One concern. They may be facing a difficult market as they sell their previous home, and may also have career jitters connected with their new working venue.

Santa Barbara home sellers can increase their chances of a successful sale by specifically targeting the relocation market. The can offer a “move-in-ready” home: one that is prepped and ready to show any time the opportunity presents itself.

Whipping your home into shape before you show it invites the relocation-minded buyer to imagine himself or herself moved in and ready to go to work. Once they see that hour home is in excellent condition, it will go a long way toward removing one important layer of worry -- fear of the kind of unknown maintenance expenses that would only become evident after moving in. Remember that unsolved ‘minor’ mechanical problems can seem ‘major’ to a prospect. Your goal is to make it easy for any potential Santa Barbara relocation candidate to imagine an easy transition, a fast settling-in time and a worry-free living environment.

You can also reach more relocation buyers by making your property easy to show. Relocation prospects who have to travel for Southern California showings usually need to cram in as many as possible. The schedule is usually tight, especially when they add showing requests at the last minute. When your home is one that a relocation candidate has asked to squeeze in, resist the temptation to regard their request as inconsiderate. It’s a real opportunity to create an excellent impression of your home once they see how great it looks even though you had little time to prepare.