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Funk Zone

the Lark
The Lark, Santa Barbara
The Lark, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara never ceases to amaze me.  I think we have all heard people say, “There are no bad parts of this town.”  And that is true..  But there are some funkier parts of town. 

 Just off State Street, a stones throw from the beach is one of these “Funky” parts of town.  12 square blocks of warehouse space and parking lots, not a whole lot of streetlights, roll top doors and loading docks.  In any other city this area might even be considered seedy, but not in SB.  In the last 10 years this previously undesirable area has evolved to become one of Santa Barbara’s busiest neighborhoods. 

 It started slow with a few art studios here and there, then, a winery or two.   Throw in a few decent restaurants and seemingly overnight “funky” becomes “funky chic”.    The aesthetic and ambiance is different from any other part of Santa Barbara and with the introduction of The Lark restaurant, Figueroa Mountain Brewery, Les Marchands wine bar and many other great businesses, this artsy corner of our small town has become all the rage.